About Us

The company was formed in 1986, the same year that the use of lead for angling weights was banned in the UK.

Peter Hatton and Graham Billingham previously worked as toolmakers in a large engineering company in the West Midlands, UK. It was this experience in the metal-forming industry which induced the two entrepreneurs to attempt to produce new non toxic fishing weights from a material which previously had not been used for this purpose.

After some months of experimentation with various forging techniques and tooling design, a reasonable non toxic fishing weight was obtained. This has been refined and the careful use of various alloys has resulted in the non toxic fishing weight in use today.

We can guarantee that our non toxic fishing weights contain virtually no lead, typically no more than 50 parts per million and yet performs as well if not better than the old lead weights which they replace. We also produce a varied range of other traditional fishing weights for all types of fishing from carp / specimen to sea weights up to 12oz or more. We are happy to look at other designs or requirements of fishing weights for our customers; we can cold forge most metals and have produced such things as hollow point bullets and lead free shot for shotgun cartridges.